• observation

  • interview

  • standardized assessments

direct therapy (clinic setting)

  • one-to-one treatment

  • small group therapy


  • family

  • school

  • other health/educational professionals


  • presentations available

  1. Self-regulation & Anxiety
  2. Sensory Play, Self-regulation & Learning
  3. Friendship & Trust
  4. Sensory Processing & the Built Environment

funding for services

  • private pay / Private insurance coverage

  • Fees paid to an occupational therapist are typically considered to be tax deductible medical expenses by Revenue Canada.  Your child may also qualify for a Child Disability Tax Credit.  Fees are reimbursable under many work group insurance plans.

  • Alberta education

  • program unit funding (PUF)
  • mild moderate program (MM)
  • student health partnership (SHP)

  • government of alberta

  • Family Support For Children with Disabilities (FSCD)